Full Body, Scalp & Face Massage

During a usual full body massage, most massage therapists focus most of their time on larger muscle groups, meaning that little - if any time- is spent focused on the face and scalp. Not many people know of the amazing benefits of having a full body massage AND a face and scalp massage. 

Benefits of a Full Body, Scalp & Face

There are many benefits of having a Full Body, Scalp & Face Massage and these include:

 1) Rejuvenates the skin

Massages on the face and body increases blood flow, which in turn, plumps up slack skin.  The increased blood flow also helps your heart , which increases the amount of energy you have.


2) Prevents signs of ageing

A fact that not many people know of is that massages, especially our Full Body Scalp & Face Massage, can reduce signs of ageing. By rubbing in an upward motion, our trained therapist is helping to prevent and reduce your face of wrinkles and sagging skin.


3) Reduces your body of waste products

Another thing that our Full Body, Scalp & Face Massage does is to increase the production of sweat , which then helps sweat glands to excrete waste products through the skin.  The removal of these waste products helps to clear skin up and clean your skin.

4) Encourages lymphatic drainage

By encouraging lymphatic drainage, our trained therapist will help your skin to naturally push out toxins and let in more nutrients, leaving the skin nourished and glowing. 

5) Improving hair texture

With the added scalp massage, our Full Body, Scalp & Face Massage helps nourish your hair by increasing blood flow to hair, conditioning the scalp and enhancing the strength of the roots of your hair- which adds a vitality to dull and lacklustre hair. It also helps to reduce dry scalps and dandruff.

6) Reducing hair loss

By kneading the scalp during our Full Body, Scalp & Face Massage, your skin warms up and opens up your blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. The boost in blood flow contributes to hair growth and health by increasing your nutrient intake.


60 minutes             £60