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At Real Beauty our massage therapist will skill-fully ease away tension, headache, stress, knotted and tights, while improving a blood circulation. Our massages helps with a wide range of medical conditions as well as being as enjoyable and pampering experience for every one. Massage is an energising as well as relaxing, it has a fantastic benefits for your body and mind. Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage from one of our qualified massage therapists.

Face Massage

20mins          £20​


Full Body, Scalp and Face Massage

60mins           £60

75mins            £72

Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage

30mins         £38

60mins         £60


Indian Head Massage

Massage to the shoulders, arm, neck, scalp and face to ease stress and promote relaxation. This massage can be done with or without oil depending on your preference. 


20mins          £25

40mins         £38


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle, soft  and relaxing massage. Our therapist will use circular movements kneading and long strokes, using a blend of essential oil to help alleviate stress and everyday aches and pain.     


30mins              £38

60mins              £60


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage combines the proven benefits of Swedish massage with deep heat and pressure. The therapist uses warm basalt stones as tools to massage the client’s body.

The physical benefits of Hot Stone Massage:
1) Increases circulation 
2) Speeds up metabolism
3) Decreases pain
4) Decreases muscle spasm
5) Decreases joint and tissue stiffness 
6) Activates Parasympathetic Nervous System


30mins          £45

60mins          £70



This massage involves the use of essential oils, which improves and enhances health, well being and appearance.


30mins            £38

60mins            £60



Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and are used to treat chronic pain and aches in concentrated areas such as a stiff back or tense shoulders


30mins           £45

60mins           £70

Hot Stones Massage
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