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What does lipo laser do?

  • Soften hard fat tissue and break up lipocyte

  • Long-lasting weight loss 

  • Strengthen and tighten skin

  • Melt excess fat

  • Slim the body

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Accelerate the body's metabolism

  • Reducing fatigue

  • Rejuvenating skin

  • Lifting and tightening skin


How long does a treatment take?

A lipo laser treatment takes as little as 20 minutes per area, however, on average, an area would probably take one hour, depending on the size of the area treated.

When will I get to see results?

Visible results are almost immediate, although, on average, most will see the final fat loss result in about 1-3 months. There will also be a good improvement in the contour, regularity and contraction of the skin. Right from day 1, most clients can feel the areas already having less fat when squeezed between the fingers. 

Are the results permanent?

Lipo laser is a very effective treatment and the results are permanent if you can maintain a sensible diet and lifestyle because, just like any other weight loss programme, the results can be reversed if you're careless enough.

Which areas can be treated with lipo lasers?

Most areas can be treated by lipo lasers but the most common include hips, thighs, upper arm, stomach, chin and more!


1 area                                                                                          20 mins     £30

2 areas                                                                                       40 mins     £50

1 area         6 treatments ( 3 times a week)                     20 mins     £150

2 areas      6 treatments ( 3 times a week)                     40 mins     £250

1 area         12 treatments ( 3-4 times a week)              20 mins     £300

2 areas      12 treatments ( 3-4 times a week)              40 mins     £500


Common risks and side effects of laser lipo include pain or numbness in the treatment area, discomfort, and loose or discoloured skin. Some people experience burning under the skin after their session. All of these side effects, however, should subside in around a week.


  • Adopt a low-fat and healthy diet after lipo laser treatments

  • Ensure that you exercise regularly 

  • Drink lots of water

  • Sleep for at least 8 hours a night

Lipo Laser is a new cosmetic procedure to remove body fat, claimed to be as effective as traditional liposuction without a hospital stay. Using a laser system, which breaks down the membranes of fat cells, the fats are eliminated by the body in the most natural way. Lipo laser is also known to remove stubborn pockets of fat such as double chins, saddlebags and love handles and giving rise to a harmonious body shape in a short time.


How does it work? 

 The low level of laser acts directly on the fat cells by destroying the membrane and releasing fatty and oily deposits. These fat deposits are then eliminated by normal body metabolism in a completely natural way.

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Lipo Laser

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