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Eyelash Extensions

Almost every girl wants to have long, full, fluttery eyelashes. Many of us struggle with finding the right mascara and find putting on strip lashes a pain. If you’re already thinking at this point “I’ve tried individual lashes, they took off my real eyelashes and damaged them, they didn’t last long and irritated my eyes” then this could simply mean that they weren’t professionally applied. If individual eyelashes aren’t bonded to your natural eyelashes properly they are more likely to fall out quicker and using the wrong type or too much glue can cause irritation to your eyes and damage your natural eyelashes. 

Treatments                                                             Time                 Price        

Classic lashes                                                                         120 mins              £65.00

Russian eyelashes ( 2D, 3D)                                              120 mins              £70.00

Infill (required every 2-3 weeks)                                     30 mins               £40.00

Party / Cluster Lashes (lasts up to one week)              20 mins               £20.00

Strip Lashes                                                                           10 mins                £10.00