IPL Skin Rejuvination

Skin Rejuvenation                     from £50

Laser treatments give powerful youthful rejuvenation boosts to the face and neck.

Acne Treatment                       from £50

Laser acne treatment is now an extremely popular choice fro those who want smooth clear skin. This treatment is fast and has no side effects.

Skin Pigmentation                   from £50

Pigmentation treatment methods you can be sure of enjoying and will result in brighter,clearer even skin tone.

Thread Vein Removal             from £50

IPL works by directing an intense beam of light directly at the thread veins which causes the blood inside them to coagulate ( dry and then harden).

Vascular Treatment                from £50

Laser is a beam of light that travels into the skin and is absorbed by the unwanted broken veins. The surrounding skin is not affected.