Treatment                                             Time                    Price

Medicated Clearing Treatment                   60 min                       £52

Non-surgical Face Lifting                           60 min                        £57

Microdermabrasion Facial                           60 min                        £57

LED Light Therapy                                      20 min                         £20

High Frequency Facial                               30 min                         £30

Galvanic Facial                                            60 min                         £57

Derma Roller                                              60 min                          £65

Dermalogica Combination Facial           60 min                           £65

Ultrasound Facial                                       30 min                          £30


Dermalogical Express Facials

This express facials includes cleansing, exfoliate, masque, toner and moisturising.


30 minutes                                   £35 

Deep Cleansing Facial


This specific type of facials helps congested skin, blocked pores and blackheads. In this treatment the skin is thoroughly cleaned, exfoliated, followed by steam and extractions. After a face and neck massage is performed it will followed by customised mask with clearing botanical mixer and additives. leaving your skin fresh and purified.   


60 minutes                                                                    £50


Anti-Ageing Facial Age Smart


This luxury treatment is the most powerful dermalogica treatment for clients concerned with the signs of ageing. This treatment ideal for premature-ageing, dry sun damaged and ageing skin that need nourishment, re-generation and energising. The specific dermalogical products used in this treatment control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing. 


75 minutes                                                                    £55 




An effective treatment to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. It reduces acne scarring, enlarged pores and improves sun damaged skin. The power diamond microdermabrasion courses of five treatments are recommended. The machine works by exfoliating the dead skin away using a diamond head attached to a suction hose that then removes the no longer needed dull dead skin.



One session (60 min)                                            £57.00 

Course of 6 session (60 mins)                            £300.00