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BB Glow

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BB glow involves microneedling therapy to smoothen and even out your skin tone and restore a glowing and luminous look, without the need for any makeup. The BB glow treatment provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty, without overstimulating skin, as well as visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles and reducing skin discolouration caused by acne and age spots.


BB glow treatment uses a microneedling tool to penetrate into the foundation of your skin, to allow the skin to have a BB glow effect. Depending on your skin condition, and the amount of care taken, your first treatment should last between 3- 7 days; additional treatments will then lead to increased longevity and enhanced coverage. After several procedures, this 'glow' will last several months.

Treatable Skin Conditions 

  • Hyperpigmentation 

  • Acne scarring 

  • Rosacea 

  • Ageing skin

  • Uneven skin tone 

  • Dull sallow skin

BB Glow                        75 mins                        

Full face                                                                      £85                                

Full face and neck                                                  £100

Face, neck and decolletage                                  £120


  • Your skincare regime should be simple with no acid-based products for 3 days post-treatment

  • No water should be used on the skin for 24 hours after the procedure

  • Spicy food and seafood should be avoided for 3 days post-treatment

  • Heavy make-up is not recommended for the first 3 days after treatment – tinted SPF or mineral powder is acceptable

  • A course of 3 treatments should be completed within a 4 weeks period

  • The use of retinol and vitamin C products should be discontinued for 3 days prior to treatment and 8 weeks post-treatment.

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